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My U.S. Senate candidacy was based on an effort to present my qualifications outside of a traditional, contribution-based campaign. All expenses were to be minimal and entirely my own responsibility.  I carefully put myself out among the public to gather the required number of signatures, and the Office of the Nevada Secretary of State declared my application invalid on a technicality at the time of submission. I concurred with the Secretary of State's decision. What follows is a brief summary of my effort which I enjoyed and which was very enlightening.  Perhaps most interesting is that David Wright approached my table at the time that I was collecting signatures, and I was invited to appear on his Business Lounge studio webcast.  A link to that interview is provided.

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I served in the U.S. Army as a young man. When I decided a few years ago to register as a veteran, I found that my military records had been lost. I served stateside during the Vietnam era, and I shared quarters at Fort Dix, New Jersey, with some soldiers returning from combat in Vietnam. As a result of that experience, I have always thought that those who have actually served in combat deserve especial distinction and recognition. As a U.S. Senator I would work to make that recognition a reality. This again is a matter of compassion for so many service women and men who have suffered in so many different ways as a result of combat duty.

Congratulations on your decision to be an informed voter. I wish you good health and happiness. I hope you will find me worthy of your vote for U.S. Senator for Nevada.

G.A. Villa

       My name is G.A. (Gerald) Villa, and I am an independent candidate for the United States Senate in Nevada. Like you, I have always wanted to know as much as I could about the candidates for public office so that I could vote wisely.  First of all, I want to say that I have absolutely nothing negative to say about any of the other candidates for the U.S. Senate. I find some of them to be, frankly, impressive. You have a good selection of able people from which to choose.

The bedrock of my U.S. Senate candidacy is representing all of us in the name of compassion. As a teacher for most of my working life, I saw so much neglect and hunger among children that I did what I could when I could to address and alleviate those needs. I stand for a higher minimum wage as a start to addressing the root causes of the problems we face as bonded community.

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